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Reception Ideas To Enhance Your Rent In Uluwatu

Going to tie the knot with your significant order in wedding destination bali does not means you have to stick to the beach. Bali is rich, and you can explore to many other location to work with a lot of possible wedding ideas. It includes when you are renting uluwatu wedding venue. Does it mean you only stay in one designated area? No, you can make it better with these ideas.

Some Ideas To Make Your Stay More Meaningful

1. Stay True With The Location

There are chance that your venue already has the iconic designated spot to hold your wedding. In the case of Uluwatu, the best place your venue can offer is the clifftop area. There are many venue in the area that can give you the amazing spot to highlight the beautiful sunset and panoramic photo on top of the cliff.

Using such place to tie your knot can create a memorable time for both the couple or the attendees. It is not only iconic, but also different than other. Moreover, some luxurious rentals will boast their modern artistic architecture to enhance the look. This idea may sound like the default option, but it work like a charm.

2. Garden And Outdoor

If you are afraid of the cliff, try the uluwatu wedding venue. Some venue can also offer such place to hold your special day. In this case, the green background of forest and trees can form an enchanting and mystical views. Beside, the lush green forest of Bali in Uluwatu was something that is more than just fresh, it also magical.

3. Pool Area Wedding

Tired of the normal beach and garden party? How about pool area wedding? Most of the luxury and high end venue in Bali will has pool. But again, it only possible if the place allow or have the ability to give you the proper decoration for pool area. It can be a fun option, since you can get the casual pool party for wedding.

4. Iconic Arch Area

Nothing wrong by going default. But you can improve the location impression and look by using or choosing iconic arch. Iconic does not always new or novel. Some uluwatu wedding venue can provide you a unique options such as Balinese arch, casual, formal, or the traditional garden arch to enhance the atmosphere.

Some of those ideas are just trying to make out the most of the wedding venue. Remember that there are chance you can explore the location and make something new for the special day, such as holding the party close to the pool or garden. You can also stay with the designated areas, especially when the venue already has a magnificent spot to say “I Do”

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